Referrals Versus SEO and SEM

Referrals Versus SEO and SEM

Personal relationships resulting in referrals are the best source of new business, no doubt.

The problem with getting referrals is that your sources (personal relationships) do not consistently send a sufficient quantity of referrals to you.

Your internet presence does not usually drive sales directly unless you are selling commodities, like white XL 100% cotton tee shirts or the new Ironman DVD. You want to make contact with potential Customers, collect their email addresses and further contact info and inform and help these potential Customers. Ultimately, you build a relationship and then offer your products or services that they need and want.

How do you connect with potential customers, people who are interested in your services? Getting referrals is best. If you don’t have enough referrals, get your website on page one of relevant Google searches.

What might your target market be searching for? Porterhouse steak for two? Then you should be on page one of Google searches for “porterhouse steak for two” in your service area, for example “new hyde park ny porterhouse steak for two”. When you try that search are your competitors there?

Return On Investment is the practical way to measure the effectiveness of any marketing you do, right? How much new business, work you would not have gotten otherwise, would you have to bring in to make a SEO and SEM program worthwhile?

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