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Become an Opinion Leader In Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (Your Topic)

Become an Opinion Leader In Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (Your Topic)

My suggestion is that you sign on to your LinkedIn account
(150,000,000+ members on LinkedIn)

The LinkedIn menu strip goes
Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs (etc)

Select Groups

Go to Groups Directory on the pull-down menu

On the left you’ll see Search Groups with 3 option boxes under it
1st option box = Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (your topic)
2nd option box = Select Professional Group
3rd option box = Select English

Hit the Search button.

You’ll get results, groups that have to do with your topic, and are composed of English-speaking Professionals. Scroll down, look for groups that sound interesting and have a lot of members. The name of the group is a link, you can click for more info on the group.

If you find one that sounds like a good fit for you, join and read some of the posts.

If you don’t find one that fits, you can pick the best of the lot and there’s a link on the right: Similar groups Click that for a new search for similar groups.

Repeat the above process until you find something good – on topic, lots of English-speaking Professionals are members, posting your article is appropriate given the group’s content and guidelines.

Post there. Make sure all your contact info is in your signature for every post (see my signature on this post).

Don’t post the same article to multiple groups but, since these are a new audience, feel free to re-cycle past emails and other writings.

You’ll get emails advising you of comments on your posts.

Respond to comments but not to spam.

Spam can look like flattery but if you examine the comment, there is no evidence that this person (or bot) actually read and understood your post. Anything along the lines of “Your writing is so sublime and exceedingly valuable that I will check daily for more” is auto-suck-up spam. LinkedIn does pretty well in policing spam.

Ultimately, once you’re rolling as a group member on LinkedIn, you’ll want to start your own group, thus further establishing yourself as an Opinion Leader, the authority people listen to, in your chosen field.

Participating in forums, such as LinkedIn Groups, should be less than than a couple of hours per week. LinkedIn is growing rapidly and LinkedIn is all about working people, entrepreneurs and job seekers, not 13 year old girls reporting on what Melissa said to Buffy about Caitlin.


Like “Pinky and the Brain”, pretty much all of my internet advice is directed at total world domination.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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Enough Social Media?

Enough Social Media?

If you have not connected with a significant percentage of your targeted potential users of your product or service then that’s insufficient and you should continue your social media campaign.

So how much time and effort should you put into social media?

In my opinion, unless being on Facebook is how you earn your living or unless you’re looking for work, limit yourself, or the personnel who handle social media for the business, to one hour per day and no more than 5 hours per week. If you’re running an ad campaign on Facebook then you can deduct that time from time spent on social media as it’s time spent earning your living.

You can promote yourself on social media without logging in is by using “profile badges”. A profile badge is a link usually combined with one or more graphics that goes to your social media profile when clicked. Badges are used for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Plaxo, WordPress, Google, MySpace, etc.

(1) Use social media badges, as well as your contact info and your business website URL(s) in your email signature.

(2) Put profile badges for your Facebook page and LinkedIn on your website.

(3) At the end of a press release or blog post, put your full email signature including your various appropriate badges.

(4) If you use vcards (virtual business cards) you can include links to your social media pages.

(5) Appropriate self promotion with industry news is better than a sales pitch.

(6) Provide information from other sources so that you make yourself a valuable resource.

Any questions on anything I’ve said, you can always Google it as a question (example “What is a vcard?”).

Give credit when you quote a source and strive to add value by making your social media page the place to go for industry info. For example, if you’re writing about Google then check YouTube for the latest GoogleWebmasterHelp.

In my opinion, a social media mistake for a business is to start playing games. “I got you a pink hairless piglet from Pigville” is beyond boring, it’s irrelevant and many people, especially employed people, find social media games obnoxious.

Remember, you want to keep it to 5 hours per week, right?

A savvy objective for your social media campaign is to build your reputation for providing quality industry information.

Take care, be well, have fun,

Tom Jacoby
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12 Reasons To Use Video As Part Of Your Small Business Marketing by Doug Hay, Special Guest Blogger

It is my distinct pleasure to present Special Guest Blogger Doug Hay, [email protected], CEO of Doug Hay & Associates. Visit Doug’s company website at http://www.doughayassoc.com for more information on effective small business internet marketing.

12 Reasons To Use Video As Part Of Your Small Business Marketing by Doug Hay

Video viewings have exploded in recent years and can be a highly effective sales tool that can be incorporated into a small business Internet marketing program.

Reasons to add video to your website:

1. You are 53 times more likely to have your site appear on page 1 of Google. (Source: Forrester Research). Nothing beats a page one listing on the top search engine.

2. Video raises click-through rates up to 200% (Source: Forrester Research)

3. While a still picture is good, a video is personal – you talking to your potential customers. Hands down much better than just text and still images.

4. Videos can be shared, passed on and recommended on social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc

5. Videos can be hosted free on many different video sites like YouTube which is now the #2 search engine.

6. YouTube alone gets some 2 Billion views per day with lots of viewers looking for “how to do something” content not just the latest singing sensation.

Effective Small Business Internet Marketing

7. If you have lots of video content you can create your own YouTube channel.

8. You get to create a “face to face” relationship which no other form of media can do.

9. Costs are now affordable. Many firms offer competitively priced video productions or you can do it yourself.

10. As with all sales, you must gain the trust of the prospect. A professionally produced video can certainly help do that.

11. Video can be used to demonstrate products or give helpful techniques to do something such build a deck, bake a cake or grow tomatoes.

12. Video your customer testimonials and success stories. Nothing better than a happy customer raving about your products or services.

The possibilities are endless. Video should be considered for your small business Internet marketing campaign.

What successes have you had with video?

Doug Hay, CEO
Doug Hay & Associates
Effective Small Business Internet Marketing
t 250-756-0306
f 250-729-9018
Follow Doug Hay on Twitter: http://twitter.com/doughay
Small business integrated marketing and social media that will boost your sales & profits.

Effective Small Business Internet Marketing

The Menu by Bruce Wiseman, Special Guest Blogger

It is a great pleasure to present Special Guest Blogger Bruce Wiseman, [email protected] author and Master Marketer. Visit Bruce’s company website at http://www.ontargetresearch.com for more information on the benefits available for your company with correct use of the technology of Marketing and Positioning.

The Menu by Bruce Wiseman

I stepped outside my Chicago hotel last week into a piranha-like wind with icicle teeth.

The only reason I left the 75 degree sunshine of La La land was to do a couple of television shows there to promote my book on the financial crisis.

The marketing campaign around the book (Crisis by Design The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup) has been enlightening.

We are using two major marketing initiatives to promote it. The first is a traditional media-based PR campaign which involves radio interviews on stations across the country. Big, small, nationally syndicated or local news talk, I have been on the phone at all hours of day and night. Book sales are responding.

And, there is the occasional television appearance as in the land many winds noted above. The media campaign is being run by good friend, Marsha Friedman’s company, Event Management Services ( http://emsincorporated.com).

The second front is social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, the heart and soul of social media today, blogging. I had to be dragged to the later realization like a dog to a bath by friend and social media maven, Doug Hay (http://doughayassoc.com/ ) who kindly stuck my nose in the stats.

We took a look at Google Analytics (a free service provided by the Lord of the Internet at http://www.google.com/analytics/ that focuses a digital microscope on your website traffic and gives you the kind of analysis that makes the marketing Gods smile.) While we could see the bump in the number of people visiting the site from radio shows (let’s hear it for talk radio), overall, the traffic driven to the site from social media – blogging, Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn – exceeded the media driven visitors.

The point here is not to shy away from traditional PR, no, no – especially if you are an author. The point is that I had considered social media a step child in the campaign until I looked at the numbers.

It’s not that I didn’t know social media was valuable. Indeed, the shift in the media landscape in recent years and the power of social media to attract customers has been is a major reason that we have expanded our menu of services. Indeed, like a customer in a fine Chinese restaurant you can now select one or more services from the following menu. We can do it all, but if so, you better man up your phones, as you are likely to get a serious influx of traffic.

I do some of these personally, and for some I bring in professional associates who have proven their chops with me and my clients time and again.

SURVEYS. The house specialty. Our signature offering. We have been conducting surveys of customers and prospects for companies large and small for a quarter of a century. We are very good at it. Pricing on these vary depending on the public to be surveyed and the size of the job.

ONLINE SURVEYS. We also conduct online surveys, made much easier these days if you have an email data base of your clients, or prospects or can get one. Here we can create the survey, post it on line and write an invitation for you to send out with a link to the survey. We tabulate the results and provide an analysis with recommendations based on the results.

Analysis and recommendations, I might add, that are honed with the experience of a quarter of a century of professional expertise.

Surveys will provide you with the feedback from your clients and prospects that will enable you to build a powerful foundation for your marketing campaign/s. Cost, $1475. Timing, about 2 weeks.

EXTERNAL SEO. SEO is an Internet-era acronym that has become a niche industry in itself. SEO stands for search engine optimization and, in simple terms, means managing the text on one’s website in such a way so that the search engines can and do find it.

External SEO is a unique new service that drives your site up the search engine rankings by using sophisticated Internet tools. This is a service that an associate of mine provides and it works wonderfully. I have used it personally and with clients. It’s a very effective. Cost: This service is $1435 but is offered to my clients for $1299. This covers 4 months of optimizing designed to jack your brand up the search engine rankings. As competition on the Internet is fierce, after 4 months, you have the option for an ongoing maintenance contract for $230 per month. Your call.

VIDEOS. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth…countless thousands.

Videos can tell your story driving your message into the minds of your customers in ways nothing else can. Videos can be posted on your website, on YouTube, and / or sent as video clips to your customers or prospects via email. I work with a professional video producer. COST $1,000.


Another service is to take the video and popularize the Hell out of it. With this service, the video is posted on YouTube and then traffic is driven to it in great volume. Minimum guarantee of 4,500 views of your video in 90 days. Cost $295 for three months of video popularization (prices breaks for more than one video).

YouTube video is a great way to get the word out on your product or service. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet right behind Google, YouTube’s owner. You can put a link to a YouTube video in your email signature, on Facebook, in promo pieces at practically no cost.

SOCIAL MEDIA. If you don’t have a social media presence, you should. It is where the world of marketing and PR live today. We can arrange for you to get set up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. Not only will you have a presence on those sites, but we will arrange to have a social media press kit built for you like the one below, which is not only a mini website about your business in the guise of a business card, it can also contain a video. This entire package is available for $399.

We also have access to seriously expanded social media services if you are in need of a great deal more kick on the Internet.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT. If you want someone to manage your social media sites (whether we have had them built for you or you have put it up yourself), we can arrange for that service as well, with pricing dependent on how aggressive you want be on your campaigns.

So, that’s the menu. The dessert comes after we’ve done the work and you have increased your sales.

If we can be of service to you in any of these areas, please let me know via any of the contact channels noted below.

And if there is any other service in the area of surveys or marketing or social media that you are in need of, but don’t see above, let me know. We may be able to provide them for you or, if not, refer you to someone who can.


Bruce Wiseman
President & CEO
On Target Research

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