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On-Page SEO With A Note On Link Building

On-Page SEO With A Note On Link Building

This blog post is slightly more technical than previous blog posts so don’t say I didn’t tell you. Your on-page SEO plan begins with your home page:

(1) Your page title should contain your most important keyword phrases and your target geographical locations, a home page titled “home” has no benefit

(2) The Googlebot will read your metatags so you should have keywords, description and whatever you like in the header.

(3) Use an identity collector above the fold – in the top half of your page trade PDFs of your special knowledge for names and email addresses. Collect identities.

(4) No Adobe Flash. Embed your YouTube video, use HTML and CSS, present JPEGs attractively, use keywords appropriately in ALT tags and captions. Flash and words in images can not be indexed.

(5) Use 72 DPI and make your JPEGS well under 500 MB to keep your page’s load time to a minimum.

(6) Use headlines, teaser text and a link to Do You Want To Know More, not paragraph after paragraph of text.

(7) Use your keywords appropriately and frequently – you want optimized text but not keyword stuffing.

Alright, you have this attractive website, it loads fast, your URL is either your brand or a keyword or both and you want link building external SEO to get Google page one ranking search results.

If your linked page is about apricots, your link building should be based on apricot keywords. If you build links based on watermelons and your linked page is about apricots your links will be shot down as irrelevant no matter how brilliant the anchor text is.

There’s your 7 tips for on-page SEO with a note on link building. Contact me, Tom at NumberOneOnTheList.com, for a free website analysis.

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