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Press Release: NumberOneOnTheList.com Offers New Discounts On Link Building Search Engine Optimization Services And More For Veterans

Press Release: NumberOneOnTheList.com Offers New Discounts On Link Building Search Engine Optimization Services And More For Veterans

Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell sponsors a salute to our Veterans, the Veterans Recognition Program. For 3 years NumberOneOnTheList.com is a proud participant, offering discounted link building external Search Engine Optimization starter packages (AKA off-page SEO) to build up search engine ranking. NumberOneOnTheList.com has expanded the discount to include additional SEO and SEM services such as Optimized Press Releasesand Autoblogs.

“Osama bin Laden has been taken out and many of our servicemen and women will be coming home and entering the workforce soon. I expect a significant percentage of our returning Veterans will be creating their own businesses and NumberOneOnTheList.com is pleased to back them up,” said Tom Jacoby, Vice President.

The County Clerk’s Office records Veteran Discharge (DD-214) papers free of charge in recognition of their service to America. Upon recording the original copy, the veteran will be eligible for discounts on NumberOneOnTheList.com services. NumberOneOnTheList.com does link building external Search Engine Optimization (AKA off-page SEO) to build up search engine ranking like this: the client’s keyword phrases plus the locations that the client has chosen to target are used to create many articles linking to the client’s website from the most popular, high authority websites on the internet, top rated web 2.0 sites. These links increase search engine ranking because the search engines use both the number of links to a site and the quality of the linking websites (“backlinks”) to determine what a website’s ranking should be. Each of these high traffic web 2.0 sites links out to an even larger number of the best bookmarking sites. The process repeats and each backlink to a client’s website is buffered by two layers of strong websites – the client gets the search engine ranking benefit as if the client had posted many links directly to his website.

“Being in an internet business since 1997 and specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for years has been an education in using the proven, workable methods for internet marketing and advertising,” said Tom Jacoby. “If you over-use automation, you get too many rejects and if you do everything manually it takes too long to get anything done. The balance is the right level of automation to assist human productivity. NumberOneOnTheList.com can build up anyone’s search engine ranking. Guaranteed.”

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“88% of persons using a search engine do not go past page one of search results so that’s the objective for NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s link building external search engine optimization services,” said Tom Jacoby. “The American military put their lives on the line for our country so the very least we can do is put our knowledge and experience to work to help them in business.”

NumberOneOnTheList.com services benefit all types of business:

“After the first month on the program, our website traffic had increased 50% from the previous month.” – Elaad Israeli, Precision Lock & Safe

“Since we have started working with Tom at NumberOneOnTheList.com, the traffic to our web site www.juicedeals.com has increased markedly and Schare & Associates have gotten new customers.” – Keith Schare, Schare & Associates

NumberOneOnTheList.com got page one results beyond what we expected!” – Agnes Fairey, Leader Electric

“We are definitely number one in our market, thanks NumberOneOnTheList.com!” – David Munoz, Preferred Dental Care

“Since working with NumberOneOnTheList.com, a solid 60% of our web traffic comes from search engines.” – Alexander Kostakis, AC Pianocraft Inc.

“I didn’t think I would make it to the top, but Tom got to work and made it happen. If he can get me to the top on the list in Google, then he can get anyone to the TOP OF THE LIST.” – Kim Risley, Ask Insider Doctors

“After providing Tom with basic information about our business he went to work. Soon after, we began to notice a change in the volume of public calling, emailing and/or walking into our office to inquire about real estate. It started as a steady flow and has continued to grow during these first 6 months!” – Paula Shapiro, Silverwood Properties, Inc.

Emanation, Inc – NumberOneOnTheList.com is a member of the New Hyde Park Chamber Of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, WISE.

The King of Backlinks, Tom Jacoby, aka “Mr External SEO and SEM”