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Will A YouTube Video Help My Business?

Will A YouTube Video Help My Business?

Google owns YouTube. Google places high value on YouTube videos.

Doing two 60 – 90 second videos, then uploading them to YouTube can be done inexpensively. A PowerPoint slide show plus voiceover, video touring around your facilities with voiceover, or a simple “talking head” these are not costly or difficult.

Here are some tips:

(1) YouTube account should have a keyword or your business name (preferably something that is both),

(2) Use business keyword phrases in your video TITLE and DESCRIPTION and TAGS,

(3) Business name, website and contact info in the video,

(4) Keep your video short, 60 – 90 seconds,

(5) Post your videos to Facebook and other social networking sites using the YouTube URL or the YouTube embedding code (do not upload the video newly elsewhere),

(6) Use the YouTube embedding code to add the video to your website (again, do not upload the video newly),

(7) Boost your video “in-house” by favoriting and liking the video.

Once you’ve got a video, if you like some things about it and you don’t like other aspects, I recommend that you upload it to YouTube now. Waiting for a perfect video invites procrastination. Just resolve to make your next video better.

At NumberOneOnTheList.com we popularize YouTube videos. Here’s an example:

Sundad Father and Son Acoustic guitar duo April 04, 2010 – Sundad “Voyage” Video.

From 4 Apr – 10 Apr this video got about 34 views. On 11 Apr NumberOneOnTheList.com began working for Sundad.

Take a look at the number of video views Sundad has now.

You could popularize one video or popularize 5 videos (Google Places allows you to link to 5) as part of one of NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s discounted search engine optimization packages.

Contact NumberOneOnTheList.com for details: Phone: 917-338-9586 Fax: 917-210-0142 Send an email
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Take care, be well, have fun,

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