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Increase your brand awareness and get listed in the top News search engines. An optimized press release is effective marketing for your business to get traffic from your target audience and higher rankings on your selected keywords. Optimize your release and see results! Your press release can be written to develop editor interest and distributed expertly for maximum exposure. NumberOneOnTheList.com uses PR professionals to be your press release writing and distribution solution.

NumberOneOnTheList.com Press Release Services:


You provide the following info for full pro SEO and PR treatment:
* Business contact info
* What is the business, website, product or service to be announced?
* Who do you want to reach?
* Why do you want to reach them?
* Your keyword phrases.
* Specific webpage URL for best results
* Key people who can be quoted in your press release.
* Testimonials from customers, permission given to provide name and city.
* Name the person to contact (name, position, phone number) for further product details and Press relations.

400 word (minimum) article at a very affordable price.


Press release publishing and distribution can be used to increase your business’ visibility and to improve overall search engine ranking. Press releases are keyword optimized. A press release is suited for increasing traffic, improving SEO and raising your authority. Any occurrence can be an occasion for a press release: announcing a product or service or website – an update – a launch – a new feature – improvements – almost anything.

Your optimized release gets results because it’s written and distributed by public relations professionals who know how to get it right. Make NumberOneOnTheList.com your press agent, the professional press release writing and distribution solution.

*You have two hyperlinks and an image included in the press release content.
*Your optimized press release is published to Google news.
*Your professional press release is sent to social media services.

Enjoy NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s deeply discounted press release price.


Complete pro press release publishing and distribution with mass syndication for best SEO on a full service one week campaign. Press release distribution taken to a new level at hundreds of websites.

Your press release is carried by a multitude of media sites and the URLs of those media sites are posted to many additional websites which creates numerous backlinks to the pages where your press release appears. These pages rise in search engine ranking because of all of the backlinks and this cumulative linking boosts your website’s search engine ranking.

What Mass Press Release Publishing & Distribution Does For Your Business:
* improve your overall search engine presence and ranking
* the distribution of your optimized press release is more than 150 different online news centers including Google News
* your pro press release is published to 500 – 3000 or more different websites
* because your press release is keyword optimized, you get full SEO benefit

The cost of the entire campaign is surprisingly low and includes everything.

NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s syndication service gets quick indexing, builds backlinks from popular web services and gets more traffic to your business. The methods described here have consistently performed well for various companies and for niche sites, including affiliate marketing.

The press release will be published and distributed to top press release distribution centers including Google News (the total number will vary from 120 – 150 depending on the category and topic of the press release). With this mass distribution NumberOneOnTheList.com guarantees you a minimum of 500 – 800 or more pages indexed on Google. You can search for the title with quotes (“title of your press release”) and see the specific links, the exact websites where Google has indexed pages containing your press release. Doing press releases for websites NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s methods brought nearly 3000 pages on occassion. The total differs from niche to niche and from website to website.

By using NumberOneOnTheList.com press release services you can see your results very clearly, watch the accumulating results right on Google. See search results for your press release’s title increase as the number of pages published and indexed on Google grows and grows.

You provide the following info:
(1) Title (5 to 12 words) optional
(2) Web Site URL
(3) Author
(4) Summary ( 20 to 40 words) optional
(5) Body ( 300 to 400 words)
(6) Category(s)
(7) Company Name
(8) Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, URL, etc.)
(9) Keywords

An optimized professional press release is an effective marketing tool. Your press release will generate significant traffic to your business, interest from editors and higher overall search engine rankings for your keyword phrases. Raise awareness of your brand. See your press release listed in the top News search engines.

You don’t want your press release sent to “subscribers” (which creates no SEO benefit). When a press release is emailed to subscribers, how do you know the press release has been read? How do you know when, where or if that press release is published? Perhaps you’ll get a report at the end saying your press release was sent to 1000s of members and here are 5 – 6 or 10 – 20 or even 50 URLs for you to find your published pages.

NumberOneOnTheList.com professional optimized press release services produce results that you can see for yourself with hundreds of published pages clearly visible for you to see on Google. Guaranteed.

Get more than you expect from NumberOneOnTheList.com‘s proven online strategies.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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