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Examples of DIY (Do It Yourself) YouTube Videos

Examples of DIY (Do It Yourself) YouTube Videos

Windows XP came with some basic video editing software, Windows Movie Maker. You can drag and drop movies or JPEGs into Windows Movie Maker.

If you use text in your JPEGs, I suggest that you use a musical soundtrack instead of a voiceover. Having one set of words on the video while the voiceover says different things is not a pleasant experience for the viewer.

Use your own JPEGs and music to avoid copyright violations or intellectual property infringement. Play a musical instrument? Know someone in a band? Or troll the net for music in the public domain.

Slide Show with Voiceover Videos:

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Another way to go is to write a script, point a camera at yourself and have at it. I read through the script a couple of times to get comfortable then do 2 or 3 takes until it’s acceptably right (going for “perfect” may overshoot what’s needed here).

My approach to YouTube promotional video is get it done, get it uploaded, get it popularized and take a new look at it before doing the next one. Resolve to make the next one “better” whatever that is – more polished, more professional, more compelling, prettier.

Taking a couple of hours to do a video which is now online is infinitely better than planning or working on a video that is not online.

Quantity now is much more important than perfection later in my humble opinion and I think my 4 example videos demonstrate that.

Talking head videos:

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