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Become an Opinion Leader In Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (Your Topic)

Become an Opinion Leader In Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (Your Topic)

My suggestion is that you sign on to your LinkedIn account
(150,000,000+ members on LinkedIn)

The LinkedIn menu strip goes
Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs (etc)

Select Groups

Go to Groups Directory on the pull-down menu

On the left you’ll see Search Groups with 3 option boxes under it
1st option box = Marketing or Promotion or Advertising (your topic)
2nd option box = Select Professional Group
3rd option box = Select English

Hit the Search button.

You’ll get results, groups that have to do with your topic, and are composed of English-speaking Professionals. Scroll down, look for groups that sound interesting and have a lot of members. The name of the group is a link, you can click for more info on the group.

If you find one that sounds like a good fit for you, join and read some of the posts.

If you don’t find one that fits, you can pick the best of the lot and there’s a link on the right: Similar groups Click that for a new search for similar groups.

Repeat the above process until you find something good – on topic, lots of English-speaking Professionals are members, posting your article is appropriate given the group’s content and guidelines.

Post there. Make sure all your contact info is in your signature for every post (see my signature on this post).

Don’t post the same article to multiple groups but, since these are a new audience, feel free to re-cycle past emails and other writings.

You’ll get emails advising you of comments on your posts.

Respond to comments but not to spam.

Spam can look like flattery but if you examine the comment, there is no evidence that this person (or bot) actually read and understood your post. Anything along the lines of “Your writing is so sublime and exceedingly valuable that I will check daily for more” is auto-suck-up spam. LinkedIn does pretty well in policing spam.

Ultimately, once you’re rolling as a group member on LinkedIn, you’ll want to start your own group, thus further establishing yourself as an Opinion Leader, the authority people listen to, in your chosen field.

Participating in forums, such as LinkedIn Groups, should be less than than a couple of hours per week. LinkedIn is growing rapidly and LinkedIn is all about working people, entrepreneurs and job seekers, not 13 year old girls reporting on what Melissa said to Buffy about Caitlin.


Like “Pinky and the Brain”, pretty much all of my internet advice is directed at total world domination.

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