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SEO Tip: Content Is King


SEO Tip: Content Is King

On the internet, the rule is CONTENT IS KING.

Never less, always more. Don’t revise when you can expand. Do, don’t re-do, unless you feel that you absolutely must and if you have to re-do then add more than before.

That’s all very passionate but what does it look like in practical terms?

I’ll tell you:

That blog you’re not posting to? Going forward, load it with pictures. Every picture has a TITLE, an ALT tag (HTML for ALTernative text) a CAPTION and those TITLES, ALT tags and CAPTIONS include your keyword phrases appropriately and naturally.

Communicate your product or service visually. Show what you do. You can use before and after pictures, pictures of your staff, pictures of your products, pictures of happy customers and any other pictures you like that show off your work.

If a client is delighted with the your product or service, ask if it’s OK if you shoot a video of their testimonial for your YouTube channel. Clients are usually flattered that you asked and say yes. It’s OK if the video is not pro shot – actually, by survey a testimonial video has more credibility if it’s not pro shot.

While you’re talking to that happy Customer (which is fun because they love you) you can ask “Do you know anyone who might benefit from our services?”

Put the testimonial video on YouTube and I can optimize and popularize your video. Putting a link to a YouTube video on your blog will display your video in your blog and by including video it’s not just picture – picture – picture – picture etc.

When I say “you” above, I don’t literally mean you. Delegate as you see fit (sales people, marketing people, what have you).

You don’t need to take down old content, you can start using your existing blog for pictures and video without any announcement to do so.

Get a Mobile-Friendly Aggregator Newsblog accumulating relevant content for you which you curate by making comments and posting your own news. A Newsblog is part of your SEO strategy. Again, when I say “you”, I don’t literally mean you.

Whether you do some or all of the above, consider that CONTENT IS KING and think about what text, images and video you’d like to make available to the public.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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12 Reasons To Use Video As Part Of Your Small Business Marketing by Doug Hay, Special Guest Blogger

It is my distinct pleasure to present Special Guest Blogger Doug Hay, [email protected], CEO of Doug Hay & Associates. Visit Doug’s company website at http://www.doughayassoc.com for more information on effective small business internet marketing.

12 Reasons To Use Video As Part Of Your Small Business Marketing by Doug Hay

Video viewings have exploded in recent years and can be a highly effective sales tool that can be incorporated into a small business Internet marketing program.

Reasons to add video to your website:

1. You are 53 times more likely to have your site appear on page 1 of Google. (Source: Forrester Research). Nothing beats a page one listing on the top search engine.

2. Video raises click-through rates up to 200% (Source: Forrester Research)

3. While a still picture is good, a video is personal – you talking to your potential customers. Hands down much better than just text and still images.

4. Videos can be shared, passed on and recommended on social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc

5. Videos can be hosted free on many different video sites like YouTube which is now the #2 search engine.

6. YouTube alone gets some 2 Billion views per day with lots of viewers looking for “how to do something” content not just the latest singing sensation.

Effective Small Business Internet Marketing

7. If you have lots of video content you can create your own YouTube channel.

8. You get to create a “face to face” relationship which no other form of media can do.

9. Costs are now affordable. Many firms offer competitively priced video productions or you can do it yourself.

10. As with all sales, you must gain the trust of the prospect. A professionally produced video can certainly help do that.

11. Video can be used to demonstrate products or give helpful techniques to do something such build a deck, bake a cake or grow tomatoes.

12. Video your customer testimonials and success stories. Nothing better than a happy customer raving about your products or services.

The possibilities are endless. Video should be considered for your small business Internet marketing campaign.

What successes have you had with video?

Doug Hay, CEO
Doug Hay & Associates
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