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External SEO Elevator Pitch

External SEO Elevator Pitch

My name is Tom Jacoby and my business is NumberOneOnTheList.com What I do is External Search Engine Optimization. My plan is to make your website Number One on Google and Yahoo and the rest of the search engines. More info at http://www.NumberOneOnTheList.com and http://www.ExternalSEOandSEM.com

To make you number one on the list, I need your keywords and your “press release“.

Your keywords are the words and phrases your potential customers use to search for your website. This is your business identity, your brand. It is how Customers describe your business and that is very often different from how you describe your business. These keyword phrases should be used appropriately on your webpages.

Your “press release” is your own descriptive and unique information, your original content about yourself and your business. This is several pages long, written in the 3rd person and includes what makes your business special and unique, what is different about you compared to your competitors, some biographical info about you, some history of the business, what results might reasonably be expected for a client – you get the idea.

NumberOneOnTheList.com can generate many links to your website from the most popular and highest rated websites on the internet which will increase your search engine ranking. Link popularity is key because the search engines use both the number of links and the quality of the websites that link to your site (“backlinks”) to determine how popular your site is and what your ranking should be.

What to expect: search engine listings linking to your site will start to populate the top rankings for the keyword phrases on page one of the search engines. As more and more of your links are at the top of searches, your actual website will start to appear on the top 10 links. If you have several pages being promoted then you will see multiple pages in the top 10. This is what has been observed with other clients. NumberOneOnTheList.com guarantees that link popularity services will do for you as has been done for other clients and that your site will have many “high authority” sites linking to yours and this will cause your website’s ranking on the search engines to improve.

Before NumberOneOnTheList.com, I founded and for 21 years managed a NYC and Long Island messenger service, using Hubbard Management Technology as a member of WISE. What was successful at the messenger service was team-building internally using business communication skills, formulas for business success to change conditions for the better based on management by statistics and relationship-building externally by standing behind our service and personally ensuring Customer satisfaction. The goal was to provide services as part of our Customer’s company, an outsourced adjunct to the mailroom in most cases, sharing and operating on our Customer’s concerns and priorities.

My goal at NumberOneOnTheList.com is to help Customers to achieve their internet marketing and sales goals by improving their website’s search engine ranking and by building their website’s link popularity.

85 percent of internet users start with a search engine. 80 percent of search engine users do not go beyond page one of search results. The business website that places higher in search engine results will get noticed first.

NumberOneOnTheList.com offers a free website analysis or a free internet consultation to any business looking to create or expand an internet marketing program. More info at http://www.NumberOneOnTheList.com and http://www.ExternalSEOandSEM.com

My tagline is Be Number One on the list.

Take care, be well, have fun,

Tom Jacoby
Email [email protected]
Customer Service External SEO and SEM
Emanation, Inc – NumberOneOnTheList.com
Box 3521
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
phone 1-917-338-9586 Mon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM
fax 1-917-210-0142

Member of the New Hyde Park Chamber Of Commerce, BNI, Better Business Bureau, WISE.

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