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Improving Website Content Quality

Improving Website Content Quality

Lets define website content as what the Googlebot reads.

Using the above definition, website content is not:
* images
* Adobe Flash
* JavaScript

By the same definition, these are website content:
* TITLE and DESCRIPTION meta-tags
* webpage visible text
* image titles, captions and ALT text (Googlebot does not see images)

Worst Practices for website content:
* cut & paste from another website
* put text in images
* use Frames
* doorway pages
* spinning content
* poor language, spelling and/or grammar

Best practices for website content:
* give value (“how to”)
* use keyword phrases appropriately and naturally
* keyword density does not exceed 2-5%
* TITLE and DESCRIPTION match up with content

As long as the webpage text is original and on-topic, more is better.

Provide descriptive information about yourself (bio) and your business (history, timeline). What makes your business special and unique? What benefits might reasonably be expected for a client? What is the difference between your business and other similar companies?

You can use the inverted pyramid aproach or not. The inverted pyramid is a traditional Journalism 101 news reporting style where you communicate the most important and relevant information at the beginning then information of lessening importance as the story goes on. The inverted pyramid is designed to hook your reader, there is no SEO advantage.

My advice is to embrace Google’s stated objective of providing fresh relevant content to searchers – you want to create value on your website for search engine users.

Here’s how to improve website quality:
* Unless you’re Coca Cola and you will not reveal the secret formula even under torture, go ahead and put all of your useful information on your website. Make “how to” videos.
* Use your keyword phrases in headlines, TITLE and DESCRIPTION neta-tags, ALT text titles and captions for images, and your webpage visible text.
* Compare your website with higher ranking competitors. What are they doing that you’re not or better than you do?
* Track everything, analyze everything, survey everyone – gather data with Google Analytics and asking your customers what they need and want. (I recommend taking a break from Google Analytics and all tracking except Customer feedback on a regular basis.)
* Use Google’s keyword tool to determine what the important searches are for your business

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Links to Other Websites?

Links to Other Websites?

There are website administrators who feel like they’re shooting themselves in the foot by including outbound links to other websites. One false idea is that having outbound links will hurt a website’s Google ranking by canceling out your inbound links.

Another concern is why take the time and effort and spend money popularizing your company’s website and then say, in effect, “Here’s your hat, there’s the door” by providing links to other websites?

Linking out doesn’t do anything negative at all so long as you link to (1) pages with relevant content, (2) pages with the same or higher PageRank than yours, (3) .edu and .gov websites as school and the government are viewed as relevant to everything. Linking out doesn’t drain authority from your site.

The truth is that you should be linking out to sites that are pertinent to your page’s content. Outbound links to quality sites with relevant content to your website is usually positive for your site’s Google ranking. At worst, the outlink has no effect.

Outbound links that will hurt your Google ranking are links to “Link Farms.” A Link Farm is typically a group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group through automated programs. Link Farming is a form of spam that targets the index of search engines (aka spamdexing).

Websites exchanging links with other relevant websites are not considered spamdexing. The practice of linking to other relevant information is useful to visitors to your website and is important in making your website a valuable resource.

Don’t create a links page of outbound links on your website because the relevancy of the diverse links in not always apparent to a search engine. It is better to include the outbound link at the point where it comes up in your content – for example, if you say you are a member of the Chamber Of Commerce then you can link to the Chamber Of Commerce right there.

Links between relevant sites with good Google ranking are mutually beneficial. There is no cause for concern that outbound links might harm your site’s reputation. Part of marketing your website is to become an Opinion Leader providing high quality content relevant to your line of work. Including links to other experts in your field is logical and helpful.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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